1:1 Scale UX Design Sketchbook for iPad Pro 9.7"

Product Details

The world's most successful apps get their start when a designer puts pencil to paper. This sketchbook brings ease and accuracy to the critical early stages of mobile design.

Right-hand pages feature a 1:1 scale (actual size) 9.7" iPad Pro template. The left-hand pages are lined for notes.

To facilitate spacing and alignment, a subtle dot grid is applied to the screen area. Carefully designed just for this sketchbook, the grid's primary pattern is bisected by a lighter, more dense secondary pattern for more detailed work. The grid system splits the screen area evenly into rows (50 primary, 100 secondary) and columns (38, 76). Center marks are provided along the screen borders and at dead center.

  • 1:1 scale (actual size) 9.7" iPad Pro templates
  • Dot grid with two levels of detail
  • Facing pages lined for notes
  • 96 iOS app icon templates at actual home screen size
  • 150 numbered pages
  • 8.5" x 11"


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